Hotel/Resort Housekeeping

Housekeeping Services Tailored for Your Property

Laredo Budget Cleaning provides a wide variety of housekeeping services programs to Hotels and Resorts worldwide. Here is a List of cleaning services we provide:

Guestroom Cleaning:

Supplemental Program: Designed to assist hotels with filling open housekeeping positions in which their turnover rate is of concern. Positions typically include Romm Attendant, Houseperson, and Laundry Attendant.

Full Service Program: Designed to fill all the Housekeeping positions for the entire property.

Deep Cleaning Program: Designed to deep-clean guestrooms that the hotel does not have the personnel or time to detail cleaning guestrooms on a continual basis.

Construction Clean Program: Designed to provide detail-cleaning personnel after all construction or renovations have been completed and punched.

Laundry Operations:

This program is designed to operate the entire laundry operations or can also be used as supplemental to their existing staff. All hotels qualify.

Public Space Cleaning:

Lobby Attendants: Designed to provide Lobby Attendants to clean public areas on a daily basis.

Back of House Overnight Cleaning Program:

Designed to customize a full Back of House cleaning program including Kitchens, Employee areas, and Corridors.